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The men in blac

are either human goverment agents or aliens disguised as humans that people claim harrass ufo witnesses or abducties to keep them quiet about what they have experienced and seen.


Men in black are normaly described as wearing black buissness suits have a professonal tone to their voice and show little or no emotion and harrass ufo witnesses not to tell what they witnessed. Many claim they are secret goverment agents working for an unkown shadow goverment of the united states.Early reports of men in black described them as very tanned with sunglasses and black suits and black cars have all been reported since 1947.


The phenomenon was initially and most frequently reported in the 1950s and 1960s, initially in a 1956 book by Gray Barker. According to Jerome Clark,[2] the archetypal Men in Black encounter occurred in 1953, when publisher Albert K. Bender asserted that he uncovered the secret behind flying saucers, but had been threatened by three men who wore black suits and hats. Initially, Bender clearly implied the men were U.S. Government agents, but his later accounts blended supernatural features with UFO lore. In fact, Bender himself was initially skeptical of the Men in Black phenomenon and first encountered them "in the flesh" after publishing an account of the Maury Island Incident, which occurred in 1947. Harold Dahl reported pieces of a UFO fell on the boat he was on in Puget Sound, killing his dog. The next day Dahl was allegedly warned by a man in a black suit, driving a black 1947 Buick, that he would do well to keep silent about the incident. Hilary Evans points out that all elements in the MIB scenario (three visitors of swarthy or "foreign" complexion, in a black Cadillac) is never played out in complete form (e.g., some were limited to telephone calls).[3]